Sunday, 8 January 2012


We dream of hope, we dream of change, of fire, of love, of death. Then it happens, the dream becomes real. 

And the answer to the quest, this need to solve life's mysteries finally shows itself, like the glowing light of the new dawn. 

So many struggles, for meaning, for purpose, but in the end we find it only in each other. Our shared experiences of the fantastic, and the mundane.

The simple, human need to find kindred, to connect, and to know in our hearts that we are not alone. 

Alone like the drop on this petal. Alone like the petal.  

We find comfort in numbers, to know that there are people like us gives us hope. But one should take comfort from this: One is never alone. 

Scientific fact if nothing else shows us that humans have evolved to live in groups, to seek safety in numbers. One is always loved. 

Even when it seems to be so dark that light will never shine, a glimmer of hope shall always break through.  


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